Don't miss Band Geeks at the Rochester Fringe Festival! Comedians Kerry Young and Abby DeVuyst share fond (well, let's be honest, not all fond) memories of school band, with live music written by Matt Osika and performed by Cordancia winds and percussion. PG-13.  From the creators of fan-favorite “The Oboe Show”.  Prepare to laugh

BAND GEEKS at the Fringe

Band Geeks.jpeg


School of the Arts Movement Center

(aka gym)  



Friday September 17, 2022 at 4:30 pm


Saturday September 23, 2022 at 7 pm



If music be the food of love… these girls are starving.  Candace and Crystal have been making the sweet, sweet music of friendship since they accidentally harmonized on their recorders in the third grade chorus room.  Locking eyes, they knew then and there that music had brought them together forever.  From the twisted minds that brought you “The Oboe Show” and “Big Knockers,” this comedy show set to live music will delight Band Geeks and music lovers alike.


Flute/Piccolo - Jennifer Trimble Ford 

Clarinet - Ryan Reiss 

Saxophone - Nancy Boone Bahr 

Trumpet - Diana Chase and Cole Pringle 

Trombone - Lou Osgood and Matt Confer 

Percussion - Adam Joslyn and Matt Witten