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About Cordancia Chamber Orchestra

Thriving for more than a decade, Cordancia Chamber Orchestra performs classical music concerts throughout the year at various locations in the greater Rochester area. Its award-winning programming blends eclectic, vibrant, lesser-known music (including works by living and 20th century composers) with traditional classical repertoire. An ensemble whose core orchestration is traditional for repertoire of the 18th-20th centuries, Cordancia also ventures to welcome non-traditional instruments (ex. banjo, bagpipes), instruments of specific cultures (ex. Hardanger fiddle from Norway and Steel Pan from the Caribbean), as well as electronic sound recordings. Cordancia has collaborated with many other Rochester music and dance ensembles including BIODANCE and Madrigalia, comedians Abby DeVuyst Park and Kerry Young, as well as guest soloists including cellist Steve Doane, dulcimer player Mitzie Collins and Bagpiper Steve MacLeod.

Formed in 2009 by violinist Pia Liptak and oboist Kathleen Suher, the full chamber orchestra consists of up to 40 talented musicians who are brought together from many areas of the Rochester community, including many local music teachers as well as fine amateur musicians whose primary occupations are in other fields of work.


The name Cordancia is combined from the Italian words for string, corda, and reed, ancia, respectively representing the violin and the oboe, the instruments of the founders of this ensemble. In a broader sense, the name represents the entire ensemble of strings and winds, piano and percussion.


by Gerry Szymanski.3363..jpg

Cordancia's logo is designed by Jakob Heichelmann, Denmark.

Photo: Gerry Szymanski

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