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Cordancia embodies and extends Rochester's rich tradition of classical music. It offers audiences affordable access to extremely high quality musicianship with wonderful programming and guest appearances. The positive environment established for the musicians in Cordancia enhances Rochester's position as a great place for musicians to be supported and to thrive.

Cordancia performs a number of very important roles in Rochester's musical life. They present innovative, unusual, and ambitious repertoire that should be heard more frequently. They provide an ensemble where very fine amateur musicians can develop by performing alongside professional players. They also collaborate actively with many other Rochester ensembles, and make it possible for large-scale collaborative projects to succeed.

I attend many chamber music concerts in Rochester, but Cordancia is by far my favorite group. Cordancia’s musicians are superb: an exciting mix of professionals and amateurs, engaging our community’s riches in a unique way. The programming is always thoughtfully put together, in a way that is educational as well as inspiring. Rare works by famous composers might be paired with the work of a lesser known composer, so that the pieces “speak to” each other. Each concert highlights music that is rarely performed and hence eye-opening—or, I should say, ear-opening. Cordancia is a unique gift to the Rochester community, for which I’m very grateful.

In a short time, Cordancia has quickly become one of the most professionally organized and musically diverse chamber orchestras in the Rochester, NY, area. Communication and planning are among the strengths of the ensemble under Pia Liptak and Kathleen Suher's direction. Cordancia cultivates a nourishing performance environment that elicits a friendly, collaborative spirit from all of the musicians, both amateur and professional. The literature selections for each concert show a careful attention to blending standard works with those that are less performed, and there is a frequent focus on performing with other musicians, including soloists and choirs. The concerts are always top notch, and under David Harman's excellent direction, expression is never sacrificed purely for a demonstration of technique. Cordancia's seasons rival any of the better known chamber music series in Rochester, and as the area becomes more conscious of the ensemble, it's reputation will be cemented as a highly-sought musical opportunity for performers and audiences alike.

Cordancia is one of the most innovative and exciting groups appearing in Rochester. Unique and interesting music is performed by a collection of skilled musicians. Repertoire ranges from familiar to new and exciting, with styles from Baroque to avant-garde. Every type is played with consummate skill and artistry. Audience members range from children to adults. There really is something here to appeal to everyone.

Cordancia is the happiest, most currently relevant ensemble I have experienced in Rochester- made up of Rochestarians!

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