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Andrew Berger


Andrew Berger, clarinetist, grew up in the Boston area and played in what was then the Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra, followed by four years in the Yale Symphony, chamber music and orchestra at MIT, many regional pit orchestras in Greater Boston, and a single concert at UC Irvine before the ensemble restricted eligibility to students only.  His most heightened music experience was making eye contact with Yo-Yo Ma to hand off the melody of the second movement of the Dvorak cello concerto.  Since moving to Rochester in 2020, he played for three years in the UR Symphony until child-rearing intervened.  More recently he has played in pit orchestras for Pittsford Musicals, the Off-Monroe G&S Players, and several local high schools, as well as with Cordancia.  Andrew is a professor of Optics at the University of Rochester.

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