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Educational Outreach


Cordancia collaborates with schools in the Rochester area presenting workshops and performances for children. Old and familiar fairy tales are retold and set to music. Fun for children and grown-ups alike! Young children will experience how music can enhance a story and bring it to life in enchanting new ways. Adults will be amused by unexpected twists and puns in the well-known words. 


Cordancia's educational outreach ensemble features a quintet of musicians and a narrator. The instruments are oboe, violin, viola, cello, piano -- and kazoo! The music is by Peter Schickele and Bruce Adolphe.

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Performers in the outreach group currently include:

Kathleen Suher, oboe

Pia Liptak, violin / Patty Vandersloot, violin

Keiko Vann, viola

John Delmonico, cello

Yi-Wen Chang, piano / Ines Draskovich, piano

Jay Stetzer, narrator

Previous colloborations have included Doug Waterman and Judy Mollner, narrators, Carolyn Ray, piano. 

Outreach Program

Timeless Tales

Timeless Tales: Music Breathes New Life Into A Beloved Story


A narrator and a chamber music ensemble present P.D.Q. Bach's humorous retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Emperor's New Clothes" through updated language and rollicking classical music. The story shows how teamwork begins with self-respect. Taking their cue from a child, the people of the empire respect themselves enough to speak up for what they know is right. Students experience how the same lesson applies to working well in a musical group--or in their classroom: When each person takes responsibility to be his or her best, that's when the group can be its best.


Composer Peter Schickele set the story of The Emperors New Clothes to music for oboe, string trio, piano and narrator similar to Peter and the Wolf, and the result is full of humor. Oboe and viola play the parents, violin plays lively daughter Red, cello plays laid-back son Rob and piano plays Oatmeal, the Emperors crazy dog. The performance focuses on music as well as theater and provides a great opportunity for experiencing how music enhances a story and characters.
Students also learn about the classical instruments, and how musicians weave their individual parts together to crate one sound.


Cordancia's Educational Program is on the Young Audiences Rochester roster.

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